Tuesday, February 12, 2019

On the uselessness of Enum -- wait, what?

Had a question about an enumerated set of constant values.

"Where do I put these constants?" they asked. It was clear what they wanted. This is another variation on their personal quest which can be called "I want Python to have CONST or Final." It's kind of tedious when a person asks -- repeatedly -- for a feature that's not present in the form they want it.

"Use Enum," I said.

"Nah," they replied. "It's Yet Another Abstraction."

Wait, what?

This is what I learned from rest of their nonsensical response: There's an absolute upper bound on abstractions, and Enum is one abstraction too many. Go ahead count them. This is too many.


They simply rejected the entire idea of learning something new. They wanted CONST or Final or some such. And until I provide it, Python is garbage because it doesn't have constants. (They're the kind of person that needs to see CONST minutes_per_hour = 60 in every program. When I ask why they don't also insist on seeing CONST one = 1 they seem shocked I would be so flippant.)

YAA. Seriously. Too many layers.

As if all of computing wasn't a stack of abstractions on top of stateful electronic circuits.

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  1. No one can argue w/ all of computing is a stack of abstractions.

    The question is, for a particular use case; what is the appropriate level of abstraction?

    People can examine articles like "How much abstraction is too much?" at StackOverFlow to obtain guidance on the appropriate level of abstraction.