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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ways to Crush Innovation

Check this out:  “Why should I bother?”.

All organizations have an “Official Technology List”.  I work “Enterprise IT”, where the official languages are limited to Java, VB .Net, C, C++.  After that... well... it may as well be Esperanto or Whitespace.  

PHP, for example, is near the top of the TIOBE index, but often shunned as “not enterprise ready”.  

I’m using Python and folks have things to say: mostly tongue-clucking and eye-rolling.  So far, however, it’s working because things are so easy to develop, test and change.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Changing Platforms

iBlog doesn’t work well -- and hasn’t for a while.

I have iWeb as part of my iLife package -- and I use iLife heavily.

Perhaps it’s time to move.

There are some small “howevers” in that.  

  • 344 blog entires that I’d like to migrate to iWeb.  It remains to be seen what I can do about that.  They’re all still on my legacy “S.Lott - Software Architect” site, so it’s possible to simply refer to them and otherwise ignore them.  While iBlog has an export, iWeb doesn’t have an import.
  • Google Adsense channel settings.  The iWeb Adsense widget appears to be a kind of dumb default.  I should probably just insert an HTML widget (with real Adsense code) instead of using the iWeb Adsense widget.
  • iBlog kindly built automatic links to, digg, furl, reddit, YahooMyWeb.  I’m not sure how to edit the blog templates here in iWeb.   The XML files used in the templates are pretty opaque.  I’d like digg, facebook, tweet and track, stumble upon, reddit,, and yahoo buzz.  But, then I’d need to ferret our the permalink from iWeb’s internals and generate the HTML.  Sigh.  Perhaps I need iWebBuddy.

Some things appear to be a wash.

  • iBlog created Haloscan Comment and Trackback links.  iWeb replaces this with it’s own commenting.  
  • iBlog created nice Technorati links for related material.  But I don’t know that this was all that useful, since I never paid close attention to getting my Technorati tags aligned with everyone else.