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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Packt Data Unlocked Promotion


You can't go wrong with these kinds of discounts.


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Finally Planning the Rewrite of Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design

See Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design for the old content, which has a number of features that hold up well over time.

  1. A graduated series of exercises to build up large, complete applications is important. 
  2. It covers a lot of skills essential to building real applications -- unit testing, integration, code reuse. I want to expand on this to include more testing strategies, and final documentation.
  3. It's so popular, I've got enough donations to move forward on a rewrite.
Previously, it was hosted out of my ancient web site as HTML and PDF download. That hasn't aged well.

Also, it was originally Python 2, and that ship sailed years ago.

I'm leaning toward hosting the content on GitHub.

One idea is to have a complex project with the following top-level folders:
  • A docs folder that has the HTML as well as PDF (and maybe an ebook format, too.)
  • A src folder with seed files for the various packages and modules.
  • A tests folder with seed tests.
Someone could fork and then build on the framework.

It's possible to put the exposition into the wiki pages associated with the repo. This has the advantage of keeping the meta-level documentation and individual project requirements separate from the project itself.

Before I go too far, I'll need to experiment a bit to see what the editing process is like. The Github wiki pages are their own git branch, and are easy to edit off-line and push to the repo. Some of the fancy Sphinx markup features vanish, replaced with basic RST. This may not be all bad, since the baseline content is not *very* complex.

Stand by for more.