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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

DZone's lack of a Python Zone

Check out DZone's Coding zone: Hover over the "Coding" drop-down menu.

Notice anything lacking?

I'll give you a hint: Python.

They have "Frameworks", "Java", "Javascript", "Languages" and "Tools".

The "Languages" seems to be general programming, and the posts include Java, JavaScript and numerous other languages. 

It leaves me with questions about the basis for the "Zones". It can't be popularity, since Java has slipped behind Python. Maybe there's some other criteria; I wonder what they could be? Sponsorships? Or the historical "Javalobby" web site? 

It also leaves me with the urge to suggest they radically rethink their approach to content management. The "Zones" don't seem to have crisp definitions. If they do, it would help to share them. If they don't, perhaps they should be assigned more dynamically as content is reviewed and included on the site.