Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design

New Kindle Edition of Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design.

It seems to work okay in my Kindle Readers.

I'm not sure it's really formatted completely appropriately. I'm not a book designer. But before I fuss around with font sizes, I think I need to spend some time on several more valuable aspects of a rewrite:

  1. Updating the text and revising for Python 3.
  2. Removing the (complex) parallels between Python and Java. The Java edition can be forked as a separate text. 
  3. Reducing some of the up-front sermonizing and other non-coding nonsense.
  4. Moving the unit testing and other "fit-and-finish" considerations forward.
  5. Looking more closely at the Sphinx epub features and how those work (or don't work) with the KindleGen application which transforms .html to .mobi. This is the last step of technical production, once the content is right.
I have two other titles to finish for Packt publishing.

Maybe I should pitch this to Packt, since there seems to be interest in the topic? A skilled technical editor from Packt and some reviewers are likely to improve the quality.

The question, though, will be how to fit this approach to programming into their product offerings? Since I have two other titles to finish for them, perhaps I'll just set this aside for now.

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