Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HamCalc -- Preserving the Legacy


The response to modernizing HamCalc was overwhelming.

Apparently there are a fair number of people who also think that HamCalc is a treasure to be preserved, improved and added-to.

If you're interested, start here: http://hamcalc.wikispaces.com/home

You can ask to be a member of this wiki, and I can add you. This gives us a place to share ideas.

I think the most important aspect of this project is to be welcoming and supportive of recreational and amateur programmers. The explanatory notes and documentation need to be clear, with proper references and footnotes. The final application programs need to be simple.

The point of HamCalc is not to build a large, complex application. The point of HamCalc is to be a repository of small, simple solutions that can be easily understood and repackaged. In my estimation, no one simply "uses" HamCalc. They read, extend, modify and make local copies of their private extensions to HamCalc.

Toward this end, we need to allow for alternate implementations. Two people should be able to carve out the same piece of code and provide different implementations that provide consistent results but reflect different optimizations for speed and resource use.

Here's the code repository. https://github.com/slott56/HamCalc-2.1

This will let folks who are interested get started. What I think might happen is that people will carve out pieces that interest them and convert bits of HamCalc. There are 449 programs, each one of which is a potential nugget of goodness.

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