Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are engineers valued?

Check out this post: "Why Quit? Because They Have Bigger Monitors".

Brilliant summary of a few small cost things that have a large impact.

How many other signals are being sent?

Jim B. once pointed out that some organizations are entirely run by the accountants.  You can have a good idea.  You can justify the good idea.  You can show ROI for the good idea.  And you can still be shot down in flames with feeble excuses like "it wasn't part of this year's budget, so we won't do it."

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  1. >you can still be shot down
    How about a different approach? How about not going the formal route to begin with? How about having just a chit/chat to get some feedback on idea x? How about doing y mundane day to day tasks so that when request a chit/chat, they will actually listen.

    I am actually trying this at my current client site. I have suggested applying our core expertise for which we have paying clients to a related industry. The "big guy" said, interesting and then personally came to my cube and apologized for having to reschedule our meeting.

    How about just declaring failure and moving on? Some tribes just aren't willing to take a risk until the barbarians are at the gate. After all, if they take the risk and fail; they will be in trouble. If they succeed, they will get a 1.3% raise as opposed to a 1%.