Tuesday, March 15, 2011

XBox Live -- Can't Unsubscribe

Here's a lack of a use case for you.

Someone -- fraudulently -- used my email address to subscribe to XBox live. I cannot remedy this. Apparently, neither can Microsoft.

I get spam from XBox. I change my passwords all over the place.

I go to the XBox live web site to cancel this fraudulent account. I can't. There's no place to do that. I cannot cancel the account because it can only be done through the XBox console. Except -- of course -- in the case of fraud, the email user doesn't have a console.

So I call the help desk. "Please remove my email from this account that fraudulently uses it." They can't. Absolutely can't. All I can do is route xbox.com email into the spam folder. That's it.

Nice help desk agent. Doing the best she can. But, she cannot find the email address and disconnect me from spam or XBox or XBox live. Someone at the console needs to do that.

How do we contact the person at the XBox Console? Can't send them email -- it goes to me!

Somehow, someone at Microsoft has to call "beezyNdetroit" on the phone (I guess) and break the bad news to them that they're fraudulently using one of my email addresses for their XBox spam.

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  1. In germany you have the right to demand that your data is removed from a service provider if you don't want to make business with the provider anymore. So I don't believe that they can't do that. I'd say, they just want to keep up the high number of registered accounts, so they can appear bigger than they are...