Saturday, January 2, 2010

Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design

Completely revised Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design. Cleaned up many of the exercises to make them simpler and more sensible to the n00b designer.

Also, to make it easier to follow, I made use of the Sphinx "ifconfig" feature to separate the text into two parallel editions: a Python edition and a Java edition. A little language-specific focus may help.

Interestingly, I got an email recently from someone who wanted the entire source code for the projects described in the book. I was a little puzzled. Providing the source would completely defeat the purpose of the book, which is to build skills by actually doing the work. So, no, there is no source code available for these exercises. The point is to do the work, all the work, all by yourself.


  1. Hi Steven,

    The download link to "Building Skills in OO Design" redirects to MobileMe? page. Can you please share the working url. Thank you very much.