Thursday, November 26, 2009

Python Book -- Version 2.6

Completely revised the Building Skills in Python book.

It now covers Python 2.6 and is much, must easier to maintain in ReStructured Text markup, formatted with Sphinx and LaTeX (via TeXLive) than it was in XML.

XML -- while modern and clean and uniform -- isn't as convenient as LaTeX and RST.


  1. great! tank's a lot for the new version
    I will take a look starting this weekend

  2. Thank you for your great work, i'm quite eager to review that new revision.
    I noticed that the pdf is broken: pages 88 to 159 are blanks.

  3. Ahhh.... I can't download it at work because a stupid "personal home page" error on our corporate firewall... I will take a look at it at home.
    I'm interested on the RST code, is it visible from any link?