Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Some Reading

Higher-Order Functions. A really cool idea. Javascript isn't my favorite language.


This, on the other hand, is huge: trunk-based development.


I'm really tired of having a dev branch with periodic commits to master so we can deploy from master. It's so much nicer to tag a release and deploy that.

Here's the top 10 Python list for September 2017.


Learning Python: Zero to Hero: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/learning-python-from-zero-to-hero-120ea540b567

Why we switched from Python to Go: https://codeburst.io/why-we-switched-from-python-to-go-60c8fd2cb9a9. We distribute a CLI for our API in Go because it's slightly simpler to provide executables in Go. However, our user community has Python already... We need to provide similar functionality in Python.

Technical Debt: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/what-is-technical-debt-and-why-do-most-startups-have-it-9a54458daabf

Software Engineering v. Programming. https://medium.com/@samerbuna/software-engineering-is-different-from-programming-b108c135af26

Annotations in Java? Ugh. The level of complexity seems to have gotten out of control. https://blog.softwaremill.com/the-case-against-annotations-4b2fb170ed67

Programming vs. the text of the code itself. https://medium.com/@karolismasiulis/programming-is-not-about-text-c205ba6aa3ba I'm don't by the reductionist 1-dimensional view of text. Yes -- in a narrow, technical sense, it's one-dimensional. If you want to be really reductionist, it's a stream of bytes, which are really just a base-256 number. I don't think the reductionist argument is helpful. However, I am sure that the declarative/imperative distinction is worthy of a lot of thought, and this is a nice comparison. (In spite of the javascript.)

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