Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stingray 4.3 Update


  • Some small improvements to the COBOL DDE parsing.
  • A sensible demo program that shows how to read COBOL files.
  • A complete rewrite to Python3.3.
  • Support for more COBOL syntax.
  • Support for Occurs Depending On
  • Support for RECFM=F, RECFM=V and RECFM=VB legacy files.

The support for Occurs Depending On is a Big Sweaty Deal (BSD™). It breaks the essential structure for calculating offset and size of data items in a fixed file schema. It breaks it badly. We wind up with a fairly complex recursive calculation in the general case of variably located items.

We'll address ODS and Numbers spreadsheets with a somewhat cleaner implementation, also. I figured out how ElementTree QNames work. I regret the ignorant misuse of namespaces in previously posted code. This will be part of release 4.4 or later.