Friday, April 9, 2010

iPad Thoughts -- Fashion Accessory?

From a Blog that's inside a company's firewall, so this had to be heavily edited.
"The instant ON is a relief. The full page touch screen works just like on the iPhone - only better. Web pages look great.. Photographs and Movies are fabulous. The screen resolution is fantastic. Sharing pictures makes it clear that the photo album is history. Tough times for Kindle. Email - much better than on the Blackberry. The things we like on the PDAs are all more attractive - and more usable! Almost like on a laptop."
"I did not have an easy way to view Excel & Powerpoint. 3G is not available for another month. ... No Adobe Flash. For some, the one big 'flaw' will be the lack of a 'file system'."
Finally, emphasis mine.
"The iPad is not a big leap, it is just a step, a big iTouch. But this is the last step that brings a whole new vision home. While not quite ready for Enterprise deployment, it gives us time to get going. And this may be the Tablet that makes it acceptable for men to carry handbags"
Okay. Time to start shopping for a nice Timbuktu messenger bag.