Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unit Testing in C

I haven't written new C code since the turn of the millennium. Since then it's been almost all Java and Python. Along with Java and Python come JUnit and Python's unittest module.

I've grown completely dependent on unit testing.

I'm looking at some C code, and I want a unit testing framework. For pure C, I can find things like CuTest and CUnit. The documentation makes them look kind of shabby. Until I remembered what a simplistic language C is. Considering what they're working with, they're actually very cool.

I found a helpful posting on C++ unit testing tools. It provided some insight into C++. But this application is pure C.

I'm interested in replacing the shell script in CuTest with a Python application that does the same basic job. That's -- perhaps -- a low-value add-on. Perhaps I should look at CUnit and stay away from replacing the CuTest shell script with something a bit easier to maintain.