Thursday, June 14, 2012

IBM RAMAC Device: 5 MB

Check out this picture.

Random Reminiscing Follows

When I was in college (1974-1978) 64K of RAM was the size of a refrigerator.

By 1982, 64K of RAM was an Apple ][+ fully tricked out with the 16K expansion card.

I vaguely remember working with a "tower" device that was a 5MB disk drive.  Think Mac Pro case to hold a disk drive.

By 1985 or so, 128K or RAM was a Macintosh and a 5MB disk drive a big desktop console box.  Smaller than a tower.  Irritating because it took up so much real-estate when compared with the Mac itself that was designed to take up an 8 x 11 space (not including keyboard or mouse).

Now 5MB is round-off error.

What's Important?

Has computing gotten that much better?

Old folks (like me) reminisce about running large companies on small computers.  Now, we can't even get our coffee in the morning without the staggering capabilities of a 32GB iPhone.

Old folks, however, are sometimes mired in bad waterfall development methods and don't understand the value of test-driven development.  While the hardware is amazing, the development tools and techniques have improved, also.