Friday, August 28, 2009

Building Skills in Programming

I've updated Building Skills in Programming -- an introduction to programming for non-programmers.

The entire thing was redone in RST and Sphinx, leading to an easier-to-read, more colorful layout. The cross-references are generally better and more complete. I also get Sphinx's indexing and search capabilities.

Everything was touched, chapters were added and rearranged. Numerous Python 3 reminders were added.

I can now -- easily -- include Google Adsense advertising on each chapter.

Next steps will be to upgrade my MacOS Python to 2.6.2 and then revise the book to cover 2.6 so that it is completely up-to-date. Also, the math needs to be redone using one of the Sphinx Math extensions so that the resulting LaTeX (and PDF) work out correctly.

Currently, my casual use of dozens of Unicode math characters has lead Sphinx to create LaTeX that isn't source encoded properly.

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  1. I really enjoy and use the Building Skills site- it has been an essential resource for me and I totally appreciate that you are still luvin' on it.