Monday, July 27, 2009

Programming Language Popularity -- Update

I used to rely on the TIOBE Software Programming Community Index.

Today, I learned about the langpop site. The context was following an SD Times blog posting on Haskell. But I got distracted looking at language rankings and what it means to consulting companies.

[Until corrected, I was] particularly drawn to langpop's Amazon listing. It seems like everyone wants books on C, C++ and C#. All other languages are also-rans. Why? [I guessed] that it's because those languages are so (a) hard to work with and (b) are perceived as "old school" where print resources are more prevalent than on-line resources. [Turns out the rankings are screwed up. Dang.]


The langpop aggregate ranking is C, Java, C++, PHP, JavaScript, C# and Python. The TIOBE Community Index is Java, C, C++, PHP, VB, C#, Python.

Similar enough to confirm that a half-dozen languages dominate with two others fighting for position.

Years ago, one of our senior consultants made the case that we really have three fundamental tech-stacks into which our web services had to fit: VB/.Net, C#/.Net, and Java. Corporate IT doesn't demand a lot of PHP or Python from us.

Perhaps those are opportunities for growth. Or perhaps there isn't enough corporate IT demand for those frameworks.